WOM EP21 Gary Kozmoto Mraz Interview & More

This week we kick the show off with the latest happenings in the world of motorcycling including the good news coming from the Petersen Automotive Museum, who is launching a brand new year long exhibition called Custom Revolution which kicks off April 14 and will run for an entire year. The exhibition is curated by good friend of the show Paul D’Orleans.

Of course we cover other news including 35 cyclists in Boston causing all sorts of havoc on Interstate 93 and more.

Then we move onto Behind the Bars where we cover the latest trends, new bikes and other cool stuff.

This week we bring on Gary “Kozmoto” Mraz Author, Moto Journalist and Industry Insider to share about his book series which began with Midnight on a Graveyard Run.

Gary shares with us how his first book came into being and how it led him into investigating the dark world of trafficking.

Gary not only shares about the horrific effects of trafficking and missing people he also has partnered up with a non-profit dedicated to finding these missing people.

For more about Gary visit his website at www.kozmoto.com and to find out more about how you can help with missing people visit www.411gina.org

Then it’s onto Between the Lines where John, Steve and Walt discuss this week’s safety issue.

Of course there’s our Weekly Trivia Question and a whole lot more.

So grab yourself a hot cup of coffee and join us or download the show and take it with you, as we bring you another fun and informative show.


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