WOM EP5 Steve Brooks founder of Tour of Honor Interview & More

00 Tour of honor 120117

This week’s guest is Steve Brooks founder of Tour of Honor a multi-state destination ride contest built around the theme of honoring our fallen vets and first responders.

Steve shares with us how he came up with the idea of creating this very unique rider participation contest where each participant can spend the entire year visiting the various sites chosen for his or her state and then continue on into the other states and add even more destinations to their list of locations they’ve visited. For more about Tour of Honor visit them at www.tourofhonor.com

We also spend some time discussing the latest news from the cycling world, Bike safety and of course our weekly trivia question and a whole lot more.

So grab yourself a hot cup of coffee and join us or download the show and take it with you, as we bring you another fun and informative show.


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